Jan 052017

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Looking to correspond with others about gardening,and ways to be prepared at a low cost. I can provide mechanical insight to mechanical issues. I am ASE certified I hold A&P ratings I also am well versed in landscape and garden equipment repairs self taught welder and fabricator.

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  1. You might check out the associated prepper forum.

    You have to register separately for it, but it’s automated this time.

    There are several users in and IVO GA on it, and most of the current core members and regular users are avidly aware of the importance of growing and producing, with various focuses on self-sufficiency and sustainability in food production and preservation.


  2. For a million different reasons, grow your food in water beds, not in the ground.
    Good luck, and Happy New Year,
    The Kale Couple

  3. For the most part I have been growing in raised beds. I have one garden that I direct plant put this year will be raised bed. I have built several planters that have aquifers they seem to do every well with peppers, tomatoes and leafy greens. I use a drip irrigation system on a timer for the remaining raised bed. I have also experimented with straw gardening it’s a good choice if you do not have a good dirt base. I am not sure what you mean when you suggested growing in water beds. For small spaces 5 gallon buckets are a good choice.

  4. Happy New year to you all as well – Otto

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