Apr 292019

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I am new here. While I have been a prepper for many years, it has always been in a sort of vacuum (member of 1). My partner (of 5 years) is on board with preperations, but as a group of two, we are very vulnerable.

What outlets for gathering does the Georgia community have? Are there any annual events in Georgia or group meetings? I respect other’s privacy, so not looking to connect right away with anybody, but eventually would be nice to make some connections to people within say a 25 mile radius. Let’s just say I am in the Stone Mountain area, but not IN Stone Mountain. Enough said. The town of Stone Mountain has it’s own fair share of issues.

I look to events that deal with farming, old times and self sufficiency, but wonder if there are any “prepping” type shows that make it to Georgia? Agrirama (Tifton) is one of my favorite places to visit, but that is quite a bit South for me now.

I think we live in a great area, with an appropriate number of neighbors (not too densely populated). Problem is I have NO idea how many of them are like minded or even able bodied?

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  1. I’m from Tennessee but I think this is what you are looking for.
    Southeastern preppers network . They are mostly Georgians .

  2. good luck finding anything. i have been looking for years and no one has managed to come up with anything yet. i am a group of 1 just me all alone and waiting for the SHTF and then we shall see what happens. i have been trying to find up to 2 or 3 other people to join with me on my land and create an environment which would benefit us all but everyone seems to want a place where all the work has been done which means they want all the benefits without the work and honestly i dont have tim
    e for that kind of lazy. i have only developed the land to the degree which is suitable for me and figure if others want to come here then we together can create what is needed to acommodate for them but im certainly not going to try to create something i personally do not need when i dont have the funds to do it.