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We my son and i have been in three groups long term over the last 10 years and we still have not found what were looking for.Though we know what we want we are done joining groups or start up groups that have no idea what they are doing and are playing intentional communities.We have seen so many group dynamics, met great people and watched groups rise and plummet.We are christian but not up tight in any way.
My son and i are the loyalist people you will ever meet treat others as we wish to be treated and as long as someone is real with us we will remain true.we have lived all over the U.S.A north ,east south and west we are most fond of north west.
we are full boar jacks of all trades with specialist trades as well.We have lived in the wilderness off the land for years at a time we have went over two years without seeing or hearing another human besides one and other. we have lived free and owe no person for it

We hunted the kings game and fish put seeds in places a piece of paper did not say we owned.and then tended those seeds weeded or watered as and or if needed. and ate the harvest from them we did.I am 39 my son 22 we are still young and get things done.Our skill sets include medicinal plants, oils ,coilloidal silver use and making.First aid. c.p.r, field trauma and wilderness aid.
bush craft water gathering purification shelter,fire,and food.hunting and fishing some tracking skill.planting crops growing in the hidden places that is not as easy said as done.have grown crops no g.m.o.s and collected seeds and started again.
it must be known up front we are warriors not soldiers we do and can work as a team with others and we accept responsibility for our actions it was never orders that made us do anything.i have studied combat martial arts for over 2o years cqc or hand to hand combat as well as edge weapons.i have vast experience in fire arms both rifle @ pistol.as does my son.This list covers a large range of our skills but not all.
we have done our fair share of looking so now we will let someone do some finding.we are up for grabs once again none better to guard the bug out lo cal or help build it up.we would like to become friends perhaps extended family.most preppers do not have near the security they will need to even endur the very first food raids.a starving man or woman are unpredictable at best.a mother @ father may be limitless in their actions to provide for ones children.We are looking for our next great adventure if your looking for people like us contact us in responses if we like what we hear we will contact you with e mail and or phone number.

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  1. Hi I sent a reply through pm

  2. We have an established group & retreat site in Michigan. Our rather lengthy and involved vetting process keeps most people at bay but it also screens out problems. The first priority before any skill sets is loyalty, dependability and trustworthiness. If I can’t trust you with my six it won’t matter how good you are at anything else. If you want to talk further contact me directly at…

    [email protected]

  3. Hi, how are you and your son doing? My name is Mary. My husband and I have been searching for the right group that we could eventually call family. We do not have children not because we did not want any but do to the fact it was probably not in gods plain for us. We do not know a lot about prepping but we are willing to learn. My husband is good at cooking even with very little and cleaning. I am decent at sewing, gardening, cooking, helping with animals, and among other things. You can reach me at [email protected]. I hope to hear from you and hopefully get to know each other. Have a blessed day.

  4. sculpepper68(at)aol(dot)com Looking for members to come live onsite

  5. Don’t know exactly what you are looking for… but I know we are looking for family. Not so much to start a “group,” a person invested a member of a family has your back! Read our post in the Arizona or 4corners section… it says looking for MacGyver. We would love to find some people who are seriously invested… If you are looking for a home and can support yourself… lets hook up! email address is on the post.
    Blessings on your journeys!