Mar 182017

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Looking for fellow preppers on the gold coast.

I live on the GC but I also I have 40 remote acres in the Huon Valley in Tasmania. It is 4WD access only.  It’s already set up with solar and completely off the grid.

I am looking for fellow preppers around the gold coast who would like to hedge their bets with two locations

If you’re interested post a comment and we’ll talk more

  4 Responses to “Gold Coast and Tassie prepping location swap”

  1. HI,I am ex British Army special forces.I move around the country with business .I live in Brisbane close to the river where I moor my boat.Am pretty well self contained and am interested in making contact with like minded individuals or even a group.However don’t need help but am always interested in learning ie exchanging ideas ect.
    Know Tasmania pretty well have recently been on the Tasman Peninsular in particular,have been there four times this year .In a previous life worked from the Arctic to the Tropics in both military and civilian capacity.Regards Airbornex

    • I am interested in having a chat to both ‘ondafringe’ and ‘airbornex’. I would also like to make contact with like minded people.

      wondermj2024 at protonmail dot com

      all the best

  2. Let us know (admins – me or John; you’ll have somebody’s email from your verification) if they don’t get back to you in a week or so. We’ll pull the post rather than have people waste their time.

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