Dec 122018

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hi! i’m ex-military-1st infantry division-special ops-black ops. big red one-ft. riley Kansas-ops-ft. benning-georgia. 51 years old, chef-worked in four star restaurants for 15 years after military service. been horn hunting the last 19 years- 8000+ elk sheds-been studying survival-combat my entire life. in very good shape and can walk most into the ground. all alone here, need to meet like-minded people who are Christians-but not a bunch of fruitcakes please! very motivated and serious. I do have ptsd but not the crazy kind. I am in full control of myself and made it to 51 with hardly any problems. I have a lot of equipment and firearms and am willing to provide security and training to the right people. I am highly intelligent and have seen pretty much everything as far as planet earth. to try and pull something shady on my po-dink ass would be very stupid. i’m a very honest person and am very sincere in what I post on this website. i’m weird in that I detest vehicles and phones. I don’t like the internet much but have to use it to get shit accomplished! in my opinion the pony express should still be running and everybody should be wearing six-shooters, and there should be frontier justice!!! hit me up if you want to chew the fat type thing.

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  1. Hey Brother.
    See my add under Virginia March 29th.
    We are seeking to move to either the mountains of Virginia or the Ozarks in one years time to buy a retreat there. I have tried to form a group here in Maine where we live for a couple years and it have not gotten anywhere. Maybe it’s the people, or maybe its just plain people in general. Anyhow, I have researched both locations pretty well and think that they would be very good. The area we are interested in Virginia is very remote, but the down side is that properties are about double the cost as the Ozarks. As for the Ozarks the more remote counties are pretty good in terms of the lay of the land but not as tactical in terms of road blocks if the county were to work together like seems possible in VA. Honestly I’m tossed between the two. Looking to put boots on the ground in the Ozarks this winter for a get away to help make the decision. The area in VA I’ve been to to check out. Well, if you have any desire to move to either area maybe we should talk more. Best of luck to you.

    • thank you for the reply. I would prefer to stay on the west coast as I’ve lived here my whole life, and know it very well. I hope you find the spot you’re looking for, and thrive in it. anytime you want to talk, i’m a good listener. peace out brother

      • Hey ghost, I’m in Lakeside Az. Looking to network with other preppers. We have a great area in the White Mountains. Looks like shit is gonna hit the fan this coming year. We have prepped for over 5 years. Stll we continue to add and approve.

    • wow! that is very impressive. I just read your post. i’m one of the elect, which took my dumb ass about 45 years to figure out. its refreshing to meet someone who seems to have their head screwed on correctly. don’t find that very often… church is in horrible condition in general. one of the greatest things I liked about horn hunting was the time I got to spend with Father. I got to know Him very well. I spent most of my free time reading his word and praying without ceasing. I had to kick, scream, beg, beseech the throne room constantly, study my ass off to get to where I am now… seek and you shall find. knock and it will be opened. he who increases wisdom, increases sorrow.. God bless you and yours…

  2. where in Arizona are you? I’ve been spending time in Cochise County for some years and plan to move there next Spring / Summer. Reasonably well equipped, have some useable skills.

    • i’m in winslow currently. I go to western new mexico starting march 15 to antler hunt for 3-4 months. used to be able to do it full-time but too many horn hunters anymore. are you in Cochise county? hit me back when you can…

      • Meant to get back to you sooner. Stuff happens. We are spending our last winter in Minnesota. We’ve been coming to AZ for the past 8 years and just decided to make it permanent. We’ll list the house in spring and come to AZ when it sells. My marksmanship comes from the Marines; I served in the early 60s. I have taught marksmanship and land nav to young people at Camp Ripley, MN. Can weld functionally, (not pretty). Enjoy hiking in the desert or the Huachuca’s. I am, however, getting a bit older. I’ll be in touch when we get down there.

  3. Ghost, funny one of the units in my Regiment that fought in Iraq was Ghost Troop and they kicked ass. I’m a Vet from the Vietnam era that served in the 2nd ACR-3/2 ACR Dragoons to be specific. If I can help and get ready before the SHTF, let me know. Thank You ! 5-two-zero-3-seven-3-9-five-eight-9

  4. I’m currently towing my travel trailer from MI to Cali, want to stop in AZ to meetup with others and have a Cali group that is looking for BOL in AZ. Time frame is end of may… LMK mikefendt @

  5. EX military myself security forces experience some survival training but nothing extensive I’m interested in joining if your ok with me being 22 my number is (six2three 920 one six seven 4 thank you.