Dec 232018

Looking for a garden partner or two . I am in North West Connecticut . In a very rural farm community . I have a large parcel of land that once was a working farm , although it has not been a farm in decades it still has potential . I can dedicate 2- 3 acres to a good working garden . Reasonably flat land with decent drainage and a natural water source and  multiple wells .

Looking for someone / s to provide the hands on work , as I can no longer do that .  I have some tools here like a modern tractor and large water  storage containers .

Not for the faint of heart , but could feed multiple families year round .

Shoot me a PM for details , please include your contact info .

PS . I will do a complete background check , if you’re not ok with that I understand and good luck in your adventures .

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  1. Hello
    I’m both south and NW of you, in NYS.
    I’m not your answer for the gardening, but it might be good to chat anyway.

    sheepdog 370 at proton mail . com