Aug 132016

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Hello Central Indiana Folks,
I just found this site and unfortunately missed the Yorktown gathering at Morrows’s Meadow.  We too are interested in networking with like-minded families.  I am retired law enforcement, teacher and now working for Department of Defense contractors.  I have developed a lot of training programs for military and law enforcement on a number of topics – they might be useful to a prepper network.  Amy is a Registered Nurse with Operating Room and ICU experience.  She brings a lot to the table for a network.  Reply anytime to [email protected]  We would love to meet with other folks in the near future.  Thanks and have a great day!

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  1. Welcome. I sent you an email (I hope). maybe we can meet soon.
    janedoe out

    • Hello, janedoe, I live in Elwood and am looking for a group of like minded individuals to learn and prepare for anything, noticed you have a yorktown meeting that has passed. Will you have any future meetings? Please email me at [email protected] I would very much like to attend. Thankyou

  2. We have a group on the south west side of Indy. Our meetings are usually the first Saturday of each month. If you want more info let me know where you would like to meet. Justin

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