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Sorta newbie, sorta not.  Military with 1 Saudi Arabia tour.  Practicing multiple martial arts for 20 years.  Enthusiastic “car camper” (who doesn’t love luxury).  The Mrs. has medical experience and license (RT), also some knowledge of herbs.  Gardening, Water collection/filtration, and all aspects of offense/defense.  Any one like minded in the area and want to chat?

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  1. Is it possible for you to relocate to Canada Alberta specifically if interested i can help with this.

  2. Defiance Ohio area prepper here. We are not that close to each other. 2.5 hours apart but close enough to talk or rare meets. I have been prepping for years and years, part of many prepper groups on line and in person, part of a food group as well. I absolutely love discussing prepping. I’d be happy to answer any questions and I am very well connected in Ohio. I can point you in the right direction if needed.

    kahunarv (at) aol(dot)com

  3. Lima/Findlay area here…in the middle


  4. I’m active duty army but I’m from Bowling Green area. My bug out plan is a haul from down here up to there. 22 y/o infantryman spent time over seas and helped train other nations in our tactics. I’m open to cross train I’ve spent time on many weapons systems and am open to sharing what I know. I am also self proclaimed computer savvy, but in most of the prepping I imagine renders quite useless. I also have some construction and LE background. I’m religious but not into the whole cult style BS that give prepping a bad name. My fiancé and soon to be wife is has a bachelors in criminal justice and working for her nursing degree. I’ll look for comments on here if anyone thinks I have my shhh together.

  5. I am from Trotwood. More into “bushcrafting” than “prepping” exactly but the two do overlap. Say hi to me at [email protected]. We can talk.

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