Apr 202021

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Hello from rocky mountain Montana. Now is the time to lay in some firewood for the coming winter. Even tho it hit almost 100F here we know winter is coming. Same goes for the economic/political world around us.
By some reports the monetary supply has been inflated by 34% in the last year and the local Holly Hobby is paying $17 an hour for clerks? Time to be self reliant and have your own means of keeping you and yours fed and safe.
I am always looking for others who are actively pursuing self reliance for the coming events and situations.

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  1. Hi…would love to chat more about what montana has to offer. Looking at moving out of mi. I have lived all over US but now ready to commit to one place. I believe being self reliant is a necessity these days. Prepping is part of the territory. Can’t be the lone ranger though. Looking to connect with others.

  2. I would like to learn more about relocating to Montana.