Jan 072019

I live right on the border of Mongomery and Bucks County. I am surrounded by 1.4 million people!! When things get bad people get ugly and in this case more does not mean merrier. Don’t get me wrong I like my neighbors, for instance when a blizzard knocked out the towns power for 3 days, I was explaining to my neighbor that I was concerned about my pipes freezing, he was nice enough to reply “the next time that happens you can borrow my (electric)radiator”. I just started prepping for tomorrow. I’m not sure how deep I will go with this but when something does happen I want to be able to take care of my family and not be a burden on the limited resources that will be needed to take care of someone like my neighbor.

I’m just reaching out to see who is in my area that has the same concerns as me, feel free to leave a comment and say hello.

  2 Responses to “Hello from Montgomery County,PA”

  1. I’m quite familiar with the area you live in. All I can say is, find yourself some place at least 50 miles on the other side of Harrisburg you can bug out to. Also, put some mountains in between you and TMI. Anywhere between that point and Altoona would probably suffice.

    When Philadelphia empties out, your area is first in line. Other than Chester county, it’s mostly poverty so the bulk of the horde probably won’t go that direction. Plus, the mountains are mostly north and west of your area, which is instinctive for people to head for during catastrophic events. Take my word for it, when the checks and food stamps stop you don’t want to be no where close to a city.

    Best wishes

  2. My formerly sleepy neighborhood became overdeveloped overnight, looking for some homestead locations.