Apr 192016

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Im 25 single been studying and testing for off grid survival for about 5 years off and on, the family house is currently for sale and we are moving rural , to go off grid , hopeing it sells the sooner the better , a few acres near a river an hour from a city so i can still work while establishing permanent off grid , does anyone know if bunkers can be brought in Australia ?, ive looked around but cant seem to find much ,  the housing on the property will be made of seacontainers , i wonder how hard it would be to reinforce a sea container and bury it undergound , i can weld , shoot hunt , grow veggies etc, use hydroponics , grow fish and marron, but im second guessing the fish part from the amount of water thats used , probably just veggies , chooks and canned food ,  currently waiting for a gun liscense is taking forever !, does anyone have any ideas for a sniper tower , or self defense for the property ?, PM me thanks

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  1. Hiya. I’m in Perth WA. Hills Concrete can assist you with concrete and steel reinforced concreate for a bunker or they also do tanks that are traditionally for water but can be customized for bunker use. Hardened Structure’s in the USA have just breached the Aussie market with their own SHTF bunkers, fallouts etc. On the subject of aqua fish, I would not bother with it as the amount of water needed and associated costs would be not worth the outcome. On the subject of sea containers, they can be used however you need also to reinforce it with steel bars and concrete support. I have extensively researched all these things and happy to discuss further with you. Cheers,

  2. You would be better having several locations for a static sniper defence rather than a big target on a stick. Look more into the aquaponics, its a lot for a start but if done well can give you an amazing amount of protein for little to no work.

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