Nov 042018

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Any fellow preppers or groups looking for others that are well prepared with much to bring to the table, specifically in Highland County, VA?

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  1. welcome aboard.
    keebler in Henrico county.
    “yep” voted today.

  2. i am a fairly new prepper from southern ky,i have gathered alot of beans and rice and cookware etc.i also have tents and generators.there are 7 of us in my family however so idk if you would want that many or not but i appreciate the consideration either way.
    you can contact me at [email protected] if interested,thank you & god bless!

  3. As of yet have had no HC folks respond or those who plan to go there. I know there are SS people that have there plans for the o$%#^y and would love to hear from you.
    ALso scroll down a bit to find out some more about us on the VA section. In the process of buying in HC right now. Thanks.

  4. BTW, I also have the post dated 3/29/18 on VA.
    Opps… o$%#>Y was suppose to say COUNTY! LOL not sure why it did that.
    Anybody with military back ground up there?