Mar 272017

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Military Trained, Prepper group with a 30,000 sq ft School in SW Kentucky is looking for members that want to prepare for bad times. We have 6 acres for growth and plenty of rooms for new members. Christian members are welcome as long as you do not try to push your beliefs on others. This is a survival group, not a church.

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  1. I’m interested in joining the prep group. I’m from Louisville and have a military background. In fact, I’m in the naval reserves as an MA or military police. I’ve noticed the things going down with North Korea and other countries. I can tell everyone is on edge. If you all are still looking for people, please contact me. [email protected]

    Thank you

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  2. Good afternoon,

    My name is Matt. I run a small prepping group in the Jefferson County area. However, when the time comes we are definitely able to locate where ever the safest place may be. As I said, we are a small group, but we are in the process of training to prepare for any any and all aspects of bugging out. I will say that we already have a small stockpile of weapons and supplies, and are anxious to pull our own weight wherever we would go. Security detail, triage, supply management, scavenging runs, whatever is necessary. We have a variety of beliefs among us, but are overall a very cooperative group. Overall, we are looking join up with another like minded group, because we all know that we won’t be the only ones wanting to survive when things get bad.

    Thank you for the consideration,

    • Hello Matt, I’m in Jefferson County and I’m interested in getting involved in prepping. Can we chat?

  3. would be very interested in talking with you
    do you have an email address i can write to you

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