Mar 152021


We are a Homestead located off grid in the aquarius mountains in northwestern Arizona.  We are looking for members who want to be a part of the community, participate in chores and projects and help make self sustaining living a reality for our community.  We have a farm, greenhouse and are finishing our the infrastructure.  We need people who can help and want to live this lifestyle.

  2 Responses to “Homestead Looking for members”

  1. We have a small young family and would like to talk to you to get more info. We have preps/supplies and are hard working people. My phone number is 805-503-5091. Call or text anytime.

  2. I would be interested in talking more and possibly visiting the homestead to see if there is a fit. Ernest money isn’t an issue but are not looking to build a homestead till after the sale of our house in vail, AZ. I am a 25 year RN with a ton of skills to offer. I have been prepping for around 10 years now and have a very large cache of supplies. I have been following several prepper groups/influencers on YouTube and want to take the next step towards off grid independent living. My number is 520 576 7082, please text first so i know who is calling.