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My name is Kurt and I’m a Master Electrician with a small Electrical Contracting company in SW Michigan. I’m interested in finding, and joining, a prepper/homesteading community. I currently live in a somewhat large city (Kalamazoo, MI) and I’m not in the “good part” of the city. So when I hear advice like “come out of her my people” it really hits home.

As I mentioned, I’ve been prepping food for a while now (going on two years). However, I also have LOTS of tools and equipment from all my years in the construction business. I have several cordless drill/drivers, impact drivers, hammer drills, sawzalls, circular saws, and flashlights. In corded tools I have all of those mentioned in the cordless style (except flashlights) plus a couple of grinders, an oscillating tool, saw/sander, a belt sander, two palm sanders, two shop vacs, a router, several heat guns, and several other things as I’m sure I’m forgetting some tools. I also have all kinds of hand tools, socket sets, pipe wrenches, hammers, sledge hammers, axess, an electric chainsaw and a gas powered one, two kerosene heaters, a propane “bullet” heater, fish tapes, fish chains, fish sticks, and fishing poles (tackle too). You get the point…I have just about everything I could possibly need in the way of tools. That includes several ladders of all types and sizes, and everything you can think of in terms of gardening/lawn working tools; shovels, rakes, hoes, etc. Also hoses, sprinklers, fertilizers, clamps, connectors, adapters, valves, etc, etc. I have a plethora of tools and equipment, and I would be bringing it all…eventually. I’m sure it will take several trips over some time to complete this relocation.

My current target location is SW Arkansas in the Arkansas Ozarks. It’s in a geologically stable region of the United States. It’s in the Ozark Mountains, so it has the necessary elevation I was looking for in terms of flooding and defensive positions. There’s a very abundant supply of clean drinking water in the form of springs, rivers, and lakes. And the forested areas have plenty of wildlife, so fish and game are available. And there are not any big cities anywhere close to the area I was considering, so less chance of the desperate, lawless, hungry hoards showing up at your door. The winters are mild, especially compared to my home in Michigan, and that was definitely a consideration when I was figuring out “bug out locations” to move to.

With all that said, I’m still very open to suggestions, and  by no means have I made up my mind that the Ozarks are the only place to consider relocating to. However, wherever else I consider moving to will have to meet most, if not all, of the above considerations to qualify as a place I would be interested in landing.

So do you have suggestions? Do you have a place that’s looking for top-notch potential members with a lot to offer the community? I would love to set up a time to come for a visit to look at potential communities, and to have you check me out as well.

Please contact me via email or directly by text/call at (269) 312-0331.

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  1. Hey Brother. I grew up in Bay City. Left when I was in my early 20’s. I’ve lived in Maine for 15+ years. I too have been seeking a very strategic place to relocate with very strict parameters. IE. Mountainous farming community with very low population density well away from big cities. I spent many months doing my research. I am still in the prepperatory (pun intended) phase of moving as I have to stay here in Maine until end of 2019 for monetary reasons. But I do plan to move at years end. Getting ready to make a trip to look at some properties in a couple weeks though. So all in all my search has been pretty difficult. Maine is really a great place to be…except it is cold and low elevation. If it weren’t for the cold I’d build an ark and stay LOL! For years I dreamt of Idaho and then realized that yeah, it’s cold there, and the number one elephant in the living room that those in the redoubt won’t mention is forest fires. Yes, forest fires will be a major threat to those in Idaho!
    Anyway, I have essentially concluded to two places. They are both on the light map showing that they have very low population. They are both on the cattle map. And they are both far enough away from major nuclear threats for the most part. Yet both still have flaws. My number one choice is Highland County, VA. It is basically the mountains of WV as it is surrounded on all sides by WV. The county has only 2000ppl but it has 4000 cattle and 8000 sheep, so the people are essentially more prepared than most. There are springs all over and the weather is mild in both summer and winter. It does snow a few times and melt throughout the winter. It does rain on a regular basis, but that beets fires. Deer are abundant. If you look it up on the map you will think that it is to close to DC. I have driven there and can assure you that DC wouldn’t even find the road to take to get there. It is extremely remote. There isn’t even a major grocery store in the county. In fact if you spend some time studying the road system of there and the surrounding counties and compare to the Ozarks you will agree that the road systems and properties are more defensible in Highland County VA. Now on a negative note, the properties there are quite a bit more expensive. And for income you would probably have to drive down the mountain most of the time. But for a live in bug out location it is tip top. Everywhere you look there are cows and sheep grazing and deer roaming around. Oh, and I had breakfast at the diner there and every one in the diner had a nice conversation with me. Most asked me to come back the next day. The people are friendly like i have never experienced! (People in Maine are stand offish though.)
    So then number two would be the Ozarks. While the Ozarks are much more affordable for properties and they are a very rural “mountainous farming community” with lots of farming/cattle. I have not been to the Ozarks and would love to go. I do think that a lot of the people may be less welcoming to new comers although I have no experience to that. I have spoken to a lady at a church that described that though. There is plenty of water and good hunting and many other like minded folk. But there are some downfalls that are difficult to asses. Take a quick look at the news in Springfield, St. Louis, and Kansas City and you will find a lot of information on the crime in that area. The news is what i would expect in SHTF but it’s going on now. Also the cartels have been using AR, and MO and the ozarks and the cities all around there as a base station to move products north, east, west. The crime is showing up worst in the nation in the surrounding cities. Oh and snakes are a problem in the ozarks. They don’t walk about in the woods without “snake boots” LOL. With that said, it is still # 2 on my list for those looking for a place that is on the warmer spectrum worthy of a survival retreat. If one goes north there are many options. Oh, and if you look closely at the road systems in the Ozarks they will be easily traveled by the surrounding cities when they try to “run for the hills”. Where as Highland County will be forgotten about. Yes DC is 3.5hours from Highland, but when fleeing DC, people are going to take I81 or the other direct south route or perhaps overwhelm Penn state. North and South of Highland Co. is huge national forest also. When it comes to nuclear threat I think Highland is far enough away from DC. Nuclear tends to generally flow West to East so if DC got hit it should flow East toward Europe. Also of note is that near Fayetteville AR is a nuclear power plant. Need to stay away from them also for grid down scenarios. WV (Monroe, Pendelton, Hardy, counties) were high on my list also, but I have school age children and WV has the worst laws in the country for vaccinations. We refuse to vaccinate as it has been causing many problems with major health disorders in children. Aside from that though WV is a pretty cool spot.
    “Come out of her My people, lest you share in her sins and receive of her plauges”.
    If you are a christian…. Get a copy of “Daniel Revisited” by Mark Davidson. It is a hard pill to chock, but it is spot on. In a nut shell, Daniel chapter 8 was not fulfilled 2500 years ago, but is next in biblical prophesy…
    If you want to chat more feel free to PM me.

  2. let me help you get your facts straight since I live here in Arkansas among the Ozarks.. Ozarks are in the north west part of the state. We also are in a economic bubble, meaning if the rest of the country goes tits up we would still not feel it for a few years, we have Wal mart here, Little Debbies, tyson, Cargils, JB Hunt, and about 500 others with their home offices here. Just helping you get your info correct. you should also google how to make a reliable water purifier, basicaly sand, charcoal, and either grass of preferably moss to cleanse tour water.. yes you still have to boil it but it makes a nasty water source more viable..

  3. Looking for the same. Contact me if interested
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  4. Hello anyone?

    Looking to prep in the Ozarks but not from the area. Can anyone give me some idea of areas to look at? I do not want to encounter any cartels or crime. I don’t even know where to start.