Feb 102017

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Currently living in Virginia, near coast. Am planning a trip to MO in March for about a week, and would like to know what areas to focus on with possible good, established prep communities to make the most of my time out there.

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  1. I guess I need to start looking for jobs in the safe zone.

    • We have an established survival group East of Beaver Lake about 30 minutes drive to Rogers, a small town but with great employment, shopping, churches etc. Half built bunker on 77 acres. Plan to Live here or just set up to have shelter when needed. Membership fees will apply. Applications will be sent to you with some details. Background checks are important for you as well as all the others. Phone Meeting is first on the list, so please send your number and time to reach you with time zone.
      We are grandparents who have had this project placed on our plate by the Lord Himself. And have a heart to help you find a safe and comfortable and affordable haven.
      Send your interest to [email protected]gmail.com
      May you find blessings from God.. b


  2. we live in suffolk and have a farm in s. central mo.
    see my ad for someone to occupy our farm.

    PM me or email and tell us a little about yourself.
    regards, bob
    [email protected] (dot com)

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