Sep 202017

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Hello, My name is Thomas
I’m in the early stages of putting together a prepper group for the Houston area, but will only consider serious preppers.

I’m looking for people who must hold a minimum of a Amateur Radio License “Tech” or above , since this is an emergency preparedness group this is a must, anyone who needs assistance in study material or help please contact me.

We are Hoping to get this going soon, and anyone who has experience in medical ,rescue,bushcraft survival ect, is welcome to call 2eight1-6zero8-363five to learn more. This will be a well diverse group, once we get established the plan is to set up Multi mutual aid agreements with other groups around the state of Texas. If you have any questions or would like to join you may email me at [email protected], or call me at 2eight1-6zero8-363five

  One Response to “Houston Prepper Group”

  1. Good Day Thomas: please accept this as constructive tip – You might want to change the wording and your (seemingly) requirement for people with “Licenses”.
    In the real world of GRID DOWN or SHTF / RED DAWN etc, the need for a License is out the window. What you want and need are people with real life qualifications/experience licensed or not.
    Also consider the oppressor utilizing other RF systems to include relays and House to House relays with Micro-Broadcasting and also CB. In perilous times, a wise man (group) should have more than one means of communications in his knowledge/capability.

    I’d like to suggest you might want to learn more about Sustainable Intentional Colonies (SIC) – nothing to do with gardening/food or communal living.

    Having reciprocal “agreements to aid other groups” goes out the window in real life survival. BUT there is a different version of what you intend to do, again that would be SIC, more than a piece of paper with good intentions only working during peacetime.

    Best Regards.