Sep 102021

How would a person with no resources or prepping skills start to align with a prepping group? The ugly future is approaching quickly and I want to start meeting people in groups so that I might eventually join them. On the forums I’ve viewed, groups only want people with experience, etc.. Is there any hope of me joining a group down the road? How could I start developing momentum to make myself somewhat valuable? Are there groups that would currently network with me in person? I am in Kentucky near Louisville.

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  1. First of all you have a phone or computer that can access the internet. Start using it to watch realistic prepper videos….just stay away from any of the nat geo type concocted shows. There are many prepper bloggers, follow some of them.
    Take a first aid course and study first aid on line. then aquire a carryable first aid kit/bag/tub for supplies you can pick up at the dollar store to start with. Everybody likes a medic.
    Start planting food or medicianl crops even if you have to use a plastic bucket from fast food or a bakery. if we can grow tobbacco in montana you can grow some radishes.
    As far as finding a group to talk to good luck, it will be a real challenge but I would start with any organization you can join or mingle with and also hit any gun shows or other gatherings. You will have to put the word out subtly and give it a shot.
    Another thing is to gather some beginner preppers and start forming your own group. Study up on one thing and give a presentation for others.
    Above all perseveer. Bill

  2. Thanks for the info!

  3. You have a PM

  4. If you are interested in connecting please read our profile and contact me.