Sep 112019

For my family and me, election night will be a decision point to accelerate our bug out plans. We live in the mid-Atlantic, too close to Mordor. We don’t want to wait around for things to devolve. So, we are looking for real estate in very remote areas, and would prefer to be in a group of Christians/Western values with as sustainable a mix of skills and resources as practical. 6 of us: 50’s and kids centered about 10yo. We’d like to start planning and organizing now with a go/no go decision Nov 2020. Please consider getting a Librem 5 phone and a protonmail email address for now.

  2 Responses to “How Long from November 3, 2020 to Venezuela?”

  1. Hi. Do you plan to move to a different location?
    What state are you currently located in?
    I know a place that would be ideal in all ways and have spent years searching for it. Planning to move myself next year. Already trying to buy property.

  2. West of the mississippi for sure with a safe amount of elevation. We love it out here on the east slope of the rocky mountains. My advice is to find one more family and then execute your plan. Or if that doesn’t work remember a poor plan executed is better than a perfect plan not executed. Better to be a year early rather than a minute late. We sold everything and moved and would never go back to where we were.