Jan 282017

A few friends and I have started looking for a change, mainly because we have gotten older and we don’t want to be a bunch of old fart preppers.
My other half and I have been looking for aplace that is adding people (couples) in and we wanted to stay in Minnesota but things have gotten to exspensive for us here to buy and with being divorced I can’t get any credit mostly because I always paid cash.
We have found wooded land in eastern Minnesota and I’m looking for another couple or two to split with payments and setup their own off-grid small house and a few animals like goats and chickens, a small garden and maybe a commun kitchen.
This my thoughts I am hoping to work with true to their own life people on this.

  4 Responses to “I am new and just exploring.”

  1. I just wanted everyone to know the land I mentioned has been sold and is no longer on my plan.

  2. I’m still in the process of doing tactical weapons training with my partner. We will be in Minnesota for the next few months.