Jul 072016

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Im looking for good people ,christains preppers .Someone with a little property or community that would not mind myself ,Bobby my girl friend Lynn ,and my best pal ,Kato 20 pound jack russel rat terrior mixed great dog.Ive done some prepping much as could living in a apt ,with no land to garden on.But ihave bought some solar panels, batteries, couple air rifles for hunting ,hopefully not to protect myself dodnt want to shoot anyone but i will if thats the only choice.i have got a few bug out bags packed with important things for short survival..I would just like some good people to help ,share ideas , .I know i would feel better with a few morepeople to prep with..I live in North Adams, Ma.perfer people fairly close..I do think planet x,niburi is coming we just like to be as prepared as we can be, and hopefully meet some good people that trust in the Lord.Im not a bible thumper ,But i do belivev Jesus is my savior and Lord.like to be surrounded by some people who are the same ,and just want to help one another and treat one another with respect .With this gov. Only getting worse.P!ease if anyone in my area want to talk share ideas pleade email me [email protected]n.com .And ty God Bless all.

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  1. You still need a fellow prepper?