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I am from Pittsburgh, PA. Are there books to help? I really do not know where to begin.

I was looking a storage containers, which led to other questions, how long is water and food safe in these containers? etc.

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  1. Register for the forum & read the many posts there for new preppers.


  2. I find water to be the easiest (also cheapest) way to start out. As for the book question, I find Jim Cobb to be my go to guy. He has a pretty good range of books to go through from defending yourself to long term survival. Containers is a bit hard to answer depending on what you are wanting to store. Some things you could ask yourself are: Who will be with me during a bad situation? (Family, a few friends etc.) What am I preparing for? (Environmental, Man-made) What do I need to survive? (Food, Water, Defense). As I mentioned the books are definitely good with knowledge and a sound investment in my opinion, but if you have any questions I’ll try to help out with what I know.

    • Thank you for your suggestions. I am overwhelmed at this point.
      I found 5 gallon stackable water containers on amazon – . non-toxic food-grade plastic – BPA free.
      If I store the water in the containers do I need water treatment drops/tablets?
      How long can you store water before it is no longer any good?

      thank you in advance

      • Jump over to the prepper forum as John suggested. You have to re-register but it’s automatic.
        We can help you with all sorts of things (to include saving money and how to store things) and a lot of the information is already there.
        The “overwhelmed” feeling is normal, especially early.

        This side of the preppergroups site is for making contacts – meet, talk, train, groups.
        The other side (the prepper forum) is where discussions, tips and information get shared.
        It keeps it cleaner and more streamlined that way.


  3. go to survivalblog.com
    start reading
    search the archives
    you’re on your way

  4. You ask a very simple question ,

    two book two start with are

    Dare To Prepare , by Holly Deyo ,, from house wife point of view but has a smart very husband .
    stan deyo who wrote cosmic conspiracy and other good refence materials into new world order , and some of the truth that out there .

    When Technology Fails by Matthew Stein MIT graduate in engineering from a smart man , that would like to help people, again .

    Some other works to look at to fully understand, the issues are youtube videos on ROBERT FELIX iceage now

    And good luck may you learn quick and be a blessing to this world , go with god

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