Jan 162019

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I’d love to connect with groups in AZ.
I’ve got skills and knowledge.

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  1. Let me try to submit a comment again.
    I belong to a very good group that has property, people and plans to survive when times get bad.
    Our property is up on the high desert area and very secluded with 24 miles of dirt road to get to our lot.
    I placed an add below looking for like minded people who are interested in joining our team
    If you are serious please call or text me anytime.

    Four80-2 two five-91nine2

    Best regards, BJ

    • Hey BJ, I’ll be calling you. I’m in the Sedona area, alone, not in shape but have some “mad skills” that would be quite useful in a prepper community.

      • Hey balanced800 and phrogphixer, I’m also in Sedona area. Left the city life a couple years ago to set myself up for success if times continue on their current course.
        We should have a conversation.
        digital[dot]alchemy[dot]213[at]g mail

        • Greetings 213, I have tried to email you but got no response and I’m not sure if your email address is good.
          Call me anytime if you would like to converse

          48o 22five 919two

  2. Hello any AZ preppers, So fed up with Gov. Also want to be ready for anything and not alone. Army Vet, have my weapons, ammo, some food and essentials, seeds. Been accumulating things slowly and will continue. Have some AR 15 tools and parts. I would like to hook up with like minded serious people. Would appreciate any serious contact from serious people. Live in Tucson suburbs, have a young, smart Australian Shepherd that’s loyal and is part of me. Thanks

  3. Sorry, missed number, have it and will contact

  4. I’m currently towing my travel trailer from MI to Cali, want to stop in AZ to meetup with others and have a Cali group that is looking for BOL in AZ. Time frame is end of may… LMK mikefendt @ gmail.com

  5. Greetings fellow preppers. I am located east of Phoenix. I have been looking for a property in the Northeast Area of AZ with or without structures for the last few years.
    I am a computer technician with a large company. I have a long previous career as an Automotive Technician. I am also a former Marine. I would like to converse with like minded folks who are aware of what is going on around us. Phrog if you are still looking for individuals with skills and materials, please give me a reply.