Feb 102022

If you are in Illinois and looking for likeminded people to train and network with. Reach out. NO Raciest or Radical BS. I don’t even wanna hear it.

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  1. Where abouts in Illinois sir ? I’m from northern Illinois

  2. Hi there, we are in Northern IL near the Wisconsin border. We have been doing the prep thing on our own for a while but now have 2 small children who we plan to train and raise to be self-sustaining, able, and prepared. We would love to get hooked up with a group.

    • Hello! Sounds like you are definitely near our group. Good to hear you want to get the kids on board

      • That would br great. If you’re near the border there is a great shop in Burlington Wisconsin called SHTFandGO that has prep gear and great advice on its website. We’ve been to a class there but I believe they stopped having those. If your group would like to meet us we would love to do so. Just please let me know any next steps! We would love to get involved.

  3. Hey- I am a snowbird who lives up in Fox Lake May- Oct and would like to join your group. I am fairly new to prepping but as I am retired I have a LOT of time to put into it. I am a retired doc so I have some skills that may come in handy in rough times. I think it is important that we make contact with like minded people before things get bad.

  4. I’m new to this site. Looking for others who are trying to live a more self sufficient life style. I would like to meet like minded people. I live between Chicago and Rockford.

    • Hello! Please email me [email protected] There are some general requirements. I would be happy to discuss the group and what we do.

      • Hi Mike3lll. We were emailing about a week ago. When we got to the point of setting up a meeting for coffee and discussion, there was no response from you. Not sure why. Perhaps I did something wrong and the emails are not going through?
        I am still interested in meeting others with a preparedness mindset. I live between Chicago and Rockford. I welcome contact from others in this area. My email: [email protected].
        I hope to hear from someone from prepergroups soon.

  5. Hey all. Where are we at on this? Please text me. I’m looking to get hooked up fast. 630 6642971

  6. I’d love to connect – I’m near Schaumburg/ Elk Grove Village… I’d love to be included.

    • Good evening. You are definitely in an active member area. Shoot me an email so I can discuss more about the group. [email protected]

    • Hi. I saw your post and wondered if you were able to get set up contacts with other preppers. I got a message to contact Mike3lll but after our 1st email exchange, there was no further response. Have you had any success with getting contacts? If so are you able to share those with me?