May 112021

I’m a single girl, 37 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Is anyone near me? I’m new to this. With inflation on the horizon I need to start with the basics. Who is new as well?

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  1. Hi!
    There are a million and one “starter” articles out there on the internet, or you might consider checking out the prepper forum associated with this site. It’s designed for back and forth communication rather than meetup contacts.

    Being new can be overwhelming. Start reasonable and manage expectations on what you can accomplish immediately and near-term, and don’t let other who are “ahead” undercut your purpose.

  2. How do I contact you?

  3. I’m new here, but definitely not new to being prepared. That bug hit me right before the Y2K concern. Moved out of the city in 1999 and been living and lovin the country life in rural MN ever since!!!!

    Do you have any specific questions? There’s much info everywhere about being prepared, but hard to imagine what that would actually “be” like once we get there, not to mention being prepared for as many of the various scenarios at one time as possible, but therein lies the challenge right? Just don’t forget to live and enjoy life while doing it! Prepping for an uncertain future can be kind of stressful, so a balance must be found with living in the moment, and just living.