Apr 012020

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I am getting calls and emails about my ranch over the past week.

Can you take us, we are ready now, where are you located? Will you accept us?

Personally, I am disappointed- I feel like I did not try hard enough to market my place so that I could have reached more people.

This event is exactly why I created my ranch and our program. A safe haven where families store 6 months of food and necessary supplies on my ranch in the event of a crisis. And when the crisis hits- you simply load up the family, your personal stuff and get to the ranch away from the masses. Your food and supplies have already been stored in advance and you have a like minded community to support each other.

Now it’s too late to get to the ranch, you are likely stuck in the cities and have limited supplies. If you do are not limited now, then you may be soon. And, I do not have the supplies and resources alone to cover having the people come now who are requesting that I allow them in now at this late date. I am sorry.

The green house is going strong, the garden is just going in and the freezers are full – And for those who actually took me up on my free offer to prepare with me- well they are in a very save place away from the crowd and the lock downs. in fact, as a farm, we are allowed or categorized “necessary” travel for our people.

There are ZERO cases of the virus in the remote rural county where I am located- That is at this moment as I write this. One thing is certain, we have food, we have wide open spaces and we have – Enough for us who prepared.

As soon as this is over I am making the same exact offer – I am going to ask the same for the people who read this. Simply store six months of 25 year shelf life food on the ranch and if anything like this happens again you will have a safe sanctuary to bring your family.

Of my 18 bedrooms, only 6 people had gotten on board in advance, stored their food and are safely out of the packed and infected cities. No one here is sick yet so they playing golf on our private course, enjoying the shooting ranges, working in the garden, taking care of the chickens, the micro greens grow room or green house, working on line with their regular job just passing the time in the woods and praying to remain healthy.

What a waste of space- 10 more families could have joined us. But few listened to our offer to help.

This virus will pass- people will forget – and one of two things will happen next time.
1. You will have prepared for the next event and made plans for such a situation or,
2. You will be in the same situation next time or perhaps worse off than you are today.

I wish everyone well and I hope to god that people learn from this event. The next one may be many time worse. I am not trying to rub a sore wound here, I am attempting to make you think and encourage you to plan for the future- This may very well only be the start of things to come.

I wish everyone who reads this luck and good health. And please contact me after this terrible event and join up with us for a safer and better prepared future.

  One Response to “Im sorry that I did not try harder to attract members!”

  1. Hi Dave. First off, thank you! For your generosity and service-to-others kind spirit.

    As far as the current insanity, the real science shows that this virus is a bit worse than the flu for the elderly and immune-compromised (including anyone who has had flu shots), but less so for healthy folks and kids. The criminally inflated numbers and scare tactics are more about politics than public health. Scary times, yes. Scary virus, not so much.

    as for bugging out, I think it more like than not that the bugging out period may be longer than many expect. I hope not, but we are living in crazy times right now, and they seem to be getting crazier by the hour. Perhaps we will need to hunker down for a few months, or maybe reality shifts drastically and permanently. I guess we shall see!

    I am in TX currently, but trying to unload my house to add to the funds I will have available to relocate to a safer spot (yes, I am up on the potential for a pole shift.mini ice age/economic collapse, even a civil war, and various other scenarios of impending doom). I am a widow with no kids, so it’s just me, and possibly my elderly step-father. He would be of little help physically but has the resources to bring all necessary food and supplies. I can certainly bring food and don’t blame you for wanting folks to come prepared to at least feed themselves. Ha. But ideally I am looking to join a new community of like minded people who want to be a self sufficient and secure as possible. I am a newbie prepper in terms of experience and training, but
    am willing to donate whatever time and skills I have to help out in exchange for weapons training and the security of community.

    I worked in event/entertainment management in my past life back in L.A. (I admit, I’m one of those dreaded Californians, but I got the heck out 17 years ago when I decided I needed to experience life outside the plastic bubble, and never went back). I was an editor/copywriter for many years, and have an interest in food/herbs as medicine.

    I am pragmatic (my Scandinavian heritage) but with a sense of humor and an appreciation of the absurd. Good-natured and an animal lover. Oh! There’s a question: what if someone (me) has three small dogs? Is that problematic? They are absolutely useless for anything other than providing unconditional love and making me laugh every dang day, but that’s a priceless skill set as far as I’m concerned.

    Anyway, I guess what I really want to ask is whether you might consider taking in a single female in her 50’s who is willing to pitch in and happy to wear multiple hats (marketing/gardening/guarding all those precious cans/bags of beans and what not, etc.) as needed?

    If you’d like to chat and explore possibilities, I am Hi Frequency over at the Proton mail place, minus the extra spaces.