Oct 072020

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Unfortunately stuck in a blue area which isn’t open to ideas like antifa taking down the grid and rioting so no local help around here. Looking outside my immediate area to share tips with others on any of the following :what-if playbooks, INCH plans, bugout preperations, to-do , checklists, must have items and general thoughts about the SHTTF aspects of the upcoming election.

  2 Responses to “Indiana Prepper preparing for Nov 3 and after”

  1. This is an issue that has been keeping folks worried and scared for weeks now. We just don’t know what will happen on November 4th, 2020. But I feel we have already seen several precursor events in Portland, New York City, Seattle, and others. Mainly, nights of riots, fires, and personal attacks that has cost cities 100’s of millions of dollars. As well as, sadly, a number of lives.

    To those who need a temporary retreat, but don’t already have a place to go, Check the Missouri Ozarks. Some land is still available to buy on a small down and monthly payments. That was how I got my land ten years ago. (Just so you know, I don’t sell land or promote anyone.)

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