Dec 252018

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This is my first post ever on one of these forums:

I can’t help but notice on these Prepper sites how many people who are attempting in forming groups or, dreaming of forming a group. We wish you success. We encourage you to take action now.

We are now at the tail end of our Prepper plans, its been a long road and a good deal of expense.

The past 15 years has been dedicated in developing our 120 acre ranch to be prepared for the worst and, It has not been an easy process. Its taking us far more time than I would have ever imagined to put this together well enough to insure the safety of our group. With over 1.8 million invested I can say that we are almost ready for anything….but not completely.

We have 16 bedrooms on site and have just about everything we need. from airplanes, drones, wells, 4 acres of organics, green houses, aqua culture, full-time organic farmers etc. to mention just a few. If I were to list out where we are on our project it takes 42 pages…..

I’ve listed where we are and where we are not – All of the information is in our membership proposal.

We have eight family slots left to complete our group. This is the first time we have looked outside for members and additional financing so I am not sure if what kind of interest level this post will generate. But here goes…..

Posting here was not in our plans- Its simply more attention than we wanted. We thought we could finish up this project on our own by now. With global issues getting more strange and uncertain everyday we are now looking for outside help to put this project to bed ASAP.

With this post, we are just starting to seek a few qualified members or families that are willing to invest. we really do not require your personal time as just about everything on the ranch is complete. What we require is money for the final items. (Family slot is: four persons to a family as we refer to a family membership)

We are also pet friendly as we have heaps of farm animals

With just eight slots left, we seek interested people with the ability to invest in our project. If, you are simply curious to how much we seek then you are most likely not our candidate. We seek eight families with the resources who are prepared to commit. Our family buy in plan is low cost- It is simply the cost for us to finish up and, not an attempt to recoup our investment.

If you believe that our group may be a place where you would fit in and find safe place to take your family we encourage you to contact us.

This is an opportunity to make a small investment and simply show up when all gos bad- everything is here and your bug out is stocked. This is not a pie in the sky group forming, its a project nearly complete.

I hope that everyone on this site finds what they are seeking. And to those who live in the city, that you  have made appropriate plans for your future safety.

Finally, anyone that can suggest to us additional places where we could post this request to reach our additional members – It would be appreciated- Thank you.

***************UPDATE December 25, 2018************

Still moving forward, adding a brewery and winery to the project. Ive still yet to find like minded people. All of my friends of course continue to tell me that my place is where they will come. But I tell them no- Either help me with the project, invest anything- Time, Resources etc but do not just show up because you do not have a place to go.

If you are serious about wanting a place that you can go to if things get bad then be serious enough to invest in at the very least your own food.

Hiring two full time gardners again this spring for the greenhouse and the garden

Added a few wood burners, bio char operation and a lot more since my last post


  13 Responses to “Indiana Ranch – 860′ elevation- Family Groups”

  1. Additional places, try posting in the prepper forum here.

    If you send me an email address via private message, I would like to see a copy of whatever you have put together for written infos. That can also be passed on to interested parties. Lots of people cashing out and leaving CA.

    • jacksprat – I tried to message you but it said -No Member-? I am new on this site and its likely my mistake.

      I sent the document off to be looked over by an admin person, I am the idea guy and an ok writer but I like staff to look over something before I send it out- The document will be cleaned up in a week. I owned cable and telecom companies in the 90s and stared this quest a couple of years before Y2K.

      I noticed after I put up my post that the moderator posted something about “beware of scam” Perhaps i need to buy some ad time on Alex Jones- I just don’t see a lot of time available to finish this project up without help.


      Ill be in touch soon

  2. I’m new to this website and unsure how to private message. I would like to speak with you further if you still have availability.

  3. Hello, my name is Lucien. I’m in the process of looking for a community here in Indiana. I read your post and was curious if you had anymore openings? I am prior military and law enforcement and am presently self employed here in the Indy area. I’d love to talk with you all and see if there’s some compatibility.
    My email is lucien_decalonne (at) yahoo[dot]com
    Hope to hear from you


  4. That’s interesting, when I told my friends and others the same thing, I was lambasted by what I call “plastic Christians.” Just goes to show how selfish people have become. I put my money, heart and soul into building this place. I don’t see a thing wrong with telling people, if they do not contribute the welcome mat gets pulled in.

    People who were ignorant of what’s coming and were caught off guard are a different story. Which is also why I built this place. But those who think they can just show up after they were given the opportunity to join in and help, will be met with resistance.

    Glad I’m not alone in that kind of thinking. Have to say, I’m envious of the winery and brewery. I can’t even get help in financing the HHO to run my diesel engine to generate electricity. Which anyone worth their salt in preparing knows you are going to need for security, among other things. Using torches and lanterns for light , and hand pumps for water, is not really a safe way to go. Too vulnerable to be picked off by snipers. At least that’s what my military experience has shown me.

    Wishing you the best in finding quality people. Maybe someday we can share a glass of wine.

    • Thanks for your comments!

      The winery permit and equipment on the cheap cost me 10K the beer brewing equipment another 12K

      My thinking is this: I need a way to make my place general revenues and help pay for further expansion. There is so much I do not have completed and stuff that I still need to change my name to “Ready”

      Plus- If the shit gos down and I can produce a glass of beer it will have some value.

      Im currently a pilot overseas I work rotations and Ive got the post collapse aerial stuff covered on the ranch- Thats an area I feel that most are missing. Image going up and being able to patrol for resources out 300 miles and bring stuff back? Not to mention for security- Take off and land in 300″ which allows you access to about anywhere. How many groups will have air superiority over their ranch? LOL

      Our gig thing is growing food- Couple of green houses, out door gardens- Im looking at a system to heat the green house with a combination of free geo thermo- (Need a solar power for a fan) and a rocket thermo stove.

      Are you near southern Indiana? Id love to share a glass of wine and chat with a another person with similar interests, I go back to work on the 10th of Jan.

      Thanks for reaching out- I seriously wonder if this is web site the way to build a team- Ive had zero success here- Once nice gal from 1000 miles away came out for a few days- Then again, Ive done a shit job on keeping my post up todate!

  5. Thanks for the acknowledgement, we should probably talk then.

    [email protected]

  6. Hi my name is George and I’m interested in contributing towards your goal if you still have any opennings available ,I have a wide variety of culinary,survival,bushcraft,technology ,musical and art ,management and leadership skills .im quick learner and im in good physical shape and have my own supply or resource and self defense weapons .No criminal record and currently looking for a ranch hand style job if that’s what your looking for. I’m a christain born again believer in the Most High also

  7. Hello, I am new to this site and was wondering if you are still looking for people to help you prep and to join your community of families when it’s time? My wife and I and our 2 kids live 40 miles north of Indy and I’ve been prepping since 2012 but until recently on a very limited budget. We have various skill sets like gardening, mechanics, machining, fabrication, cooking, both are first aid and cpr certified….etc. No felonies and are both full gospel christians. My wife works in the medical field and I’ve been a Machinist for over 20 years with other skill sets to add. If you still have room and are looking we’d like to communicate when you have time. Thank you.