Oct 132018

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This is an outreach to secured preppers who still wish to become hooked up with an established group. I am part of such an established group and we have room for a few others who are are good character, well stocked or able to become such in short order. Sorry but this is not for beginners rather mature preppers looking to join up with other mature preppers in case of an emergency. You know what we are driving at. Level headed and confident.

You may contact be via this site as a first step.

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  1. Hi there, your area mentioned in the heading covers over 1K miles. Is this a informational network or actual place to circle the wagons? I am in montana which is 700 miles across.

    Montana USA opportunity

  2. Hi,
    I believe our comment stated we were part of an established group. 1K is about 800K to far away to get to any good site in a crisis. Much closer is much better if you end up needing to walk. We have to many mountain passes between you and us. Head west young man from you Ryder and we are there 😉

    Best of good fortune to you.

    • Believe he was asking given that the NW region spans such a large area.

      As in, an info network across an enormous expanse, versus a smaller area/landmark region that would provide a clue for experienced preppers as to whether they should bother inquiring unless they’re willing to move, and how far they might expect to be moving.

      It’s a big region to open the conversation about if preppers are expected to be able to get there inside a long-weekend type hike, so if “much closer” is much better, you might consider narrowing the tags a bit or giving a “looking for experienced preppers inside [_] miles of [landmark, doesn’t have to be super-duper specific to your area – could even be the NEXT town/county over]”.

      Pup (Admin/Mod or I wouldn’t poke further with the suggestion).

  3. We are west of Ryder who is in Helena Montana who is to far away from us to be doable. Besides he is long established there and has been searching for others for a decade or longer according to old posting dates. Like I said a few very high mountain passes between us.
    Our general location is the “Pacific Northwest Inland Empire” which is well known to those who reside here. We do not consider working with people who want to move because they never do or never stay. A waste of time. We only work with preppers who are well along, having lived here in the area, making a solid living, prospering very well to prove they like it and will stay around and not dreaming about doing it someday. So that probably leaves a few people like maybe a bus full of preppers.

    No worries on our end because we are set to go, just offering to those few with ears to hear.

    I believer if one has low expectations of most others in life one will be less often so disappointed. We are looking for the exceptions only. We believe they know who they are.

    Hope that settles where we are at both in region and expectations. Wish you all well and remember it is always totally up to you if it ever gets done.

    • Well, I don’t want to move around, but my work keeps me TDY a lot currently. However, I am in the area for a while right now, and am looking for someone to share with while I am here. As I am not able to drop roots here, I would nonetheless like to have a contact nearby that I could support and turn to in the event of SHTF or some such. Engagement with like minded folk can occur on different levels. I am not against discussing possibilities over a plate of breakfast and a cup of coffee somewhere innocuous to start with. Sometimes it pays to keep an open mind about these things.

  4. Benjammin,

    I suppose you might leave me contact information or possible private message me… But who knows just how “private” said messages really are? Right. Please review we only work with well prepared folks living in the area because in the moment of any crisis it is way to late to try to get it together. I suspect if you are on the move whatever stuff you have is not with you.
    Revealing much of anything about us to strangers right down to neighbors can really open the door to unexpected visitors during a crisis which more than likely will not end on a happy note. Decades of prepping has taught us well and newbies never can see what we now know.
    Enjoy life, have plenty of back up, create your own power now, have endless pure non surface water and relax. Planning to be living on twigs and grubs off the land is not living ;-0

    • No worries. I PM’d you. I agree about Opsec and InfoSec being important. As I said, interface can occur at different levels, so no need to get embedded when my lifestyle predicates no long term engagement anyways. I’m just trying to work within my limits as well, and keep my options open where feasible, but not intrusive. If there’s nothing I can bring to the party, at least having a familiar face might keep me from getting shot on sight someday, LOL. Being a stranger in a strange land is something I am accustomed to. You look for whatever connections you can find, and realize you will be just another face “looking in” for most of the people you come across. It is just the way of things these days. For a long time now, wanderers travelling from place to place were best assumed to be marauders looking for a mark. Not easy to let your guard down when the status quo says otherwise. I really don’t expect it to be any other way. We may be a gregarious race, be we also tend to be quite territorial, and for good reason. Going by example, even a guy who could heal people and turn water into wine wasn’t always welcome everywhere he went. I can do neither. People tend to share more only after they realize a satisfactory value in the exchange to warrant perceived risk. It is a good measure of self preservation to do so IMHO.

  5. Having trouble contacting a group that believe in the same interest I do self preservation wanting to head north west and yes fully prepared for anything

  6. Whether it was fortune or fastidiousness, we prepared. A family or so, ready to endure through preparation and training. We look now for a place to gather ourselves, be it a gulch of Galt, or an expanse of dirt.

    We are nearby, we see mountains to the east, high plains to the west, grain to the south, and forest to the north.

    Are you still looking?

    • I’m in the Northwest (Oregon) by myself on 40 acres in good forest land with ample fresh water from year round spring fed mountain streams, abundant wild-life. Looking for preppers to join me on my land to help grow food and prepare other supplies. I have a large garden spot, 17 fruit trees and 2 goats so far with a large barn. I can be reached at brik4166 at hotmail

  7. Me and my wife are looking to bug out of Florida we are looking at going to North Montana I have military training army special forces my wife and I know how to live off the land we don’t have covid 19 we are looking for others of the same we are prepared for anything email patriot 007bl @ Gmail.com