Apr 042020

Looking for like-minded Christians interested

in setting up a safe haven (arc of safety) …

preferably in BC or Alberta.  The LORD will

tell us exactly where He wants us to be.

After 2023, there will be many disastrous

events such as earthquakes, tsunamis, etc.

… and it appears that the safest locations

will be in certain mountainous areas.

If you are interested …

please write for more information.

Sincerely in the LORD,


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  3 Responses to “Interested in a safe haven in B.C.”

  1. I guess it’s all in God’s timing, because we’ve been praying for a group like this to appear. We live in BC. YES we see your point about the “certain mountains” Many we can walk up to the “tops of the mountains” and learn together. Micah 4:1.
    BeBlessed -Darren

  2. Please note:
    Darren and I have been corresponding via e-mail.
    Anyone interested in joining our conversation is welcome!

    • Darren has stopped communicating with me
      simply because I am NOT a KJV-only guy.
      Simply unbelievable!
      Like they’ve been saying about the economy,
      “You just can’t make this stuff up!”