Apr 032018

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Hello everyone! I am a prepper from Arizona and I was wondering who would be interested in networking? I’m looking for trustworthy people to join forces and go in on a “prepper” venture. I want to start a completely self-sustaining off grid town/settlement to relocate to. I have designs in draft stages and I need other input. Thanks in advance for your two cents!

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  1. Greetings, I belong to a great group here in Arizona and we are looking for like minded people to consider becoming part of our group.
    You may be interested in what we have to offer regarding our little community.

    Below is the link to our craigslist listing.


  2. Currently in Yuma, feel free to message me. [email protected] always looking to network.

  3. We, Rich and Tommi, would be interested in email exchanges. We’re in your general area and looking for a place ourselves. Write us @ [email protected]

  4. I am an Arozonan and a prepper, my email is [email protected] in advance for those who want rdo exchanges.

  5. Jeff here in central Phoenix.
    [email protected].

  6. I live on 40 acres of land in the pinetop White mountain lake area mild snow lakes rivers pine trees at 6000 elevation. I am off grid, would love communicate.i have housing needs to.

  7. Serious Prepper looking for BOL, Land, Co op in MO, AR, AZ mikefendt @ gmail.com I’m currently towing my travel trailer from MI to Cali, want to stop in MO, AR, AZ to meetup with others and have a Cali group that is looking for BOL and or land. Time frame is end of may… LMK mikefendt @ gmail.com Monthly Meetup Group, https://www.facebook.com/groups/935805386592102/ Slack group, Zello app Group +++ so much more