Mar 262018

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how we will survive a disaster of great magnitude. We are planning on buying land/home in West Virginia in the next several years with emphasis on retiring and homesteading. I want a group to affiliate with but want to live independently. Does this site support such goals? I of course want to affiliate so that if needed we will all join to support, protect, house, and enable a safe comfortable existence. I am very family focused and of course anticipate my family to join us in case of any situation warranting refuge.

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  1. Hi,

    Tommi and I have a community in mind that includes both couples and singles. We envision separate living quarters, like a tiny house, but hve a community bath house and kitchen/canning area. My name is Rich. We are 29 and 25. I have an inheritance that will set us up and provide substantial quantities of basics.

    We are currently looking at properties in the southwest and west. We’re somewhat new to this website so don’t know how many are open to singles.

    If you care to exchange thoughts with us we are at [email protected]