Dec 272016

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Do ever wonder if a group of men woman and children could gather and be what the apostles were in Acts 2:42-47? Our Father told us to watch and prepare but how can we prepare if we are so attached to a world system that is bound to fall and all those who are part of it. Soon; it will be time to live as they lived whether we like it or not.

So lets come together now and explore what Father would do in us and through us as we prepare for the Tribulation that will try the world.

Our vision is to not only prepare but to build an ark for those who will come when it hits. The fatherless, the poor, those mislead by false doctrines all could be helped. I know someone is going to say we need to be careful letting someone in once it hits but my GOD is able and will help us. With that said if you would like to help us get there then contact me soon.

We need all the help we can get!


  One Response to “Is it possible?”

  1. Hi Hal,
    I am interested in finding out more from your post. I am a Christian, married, and living in New England. My wife and I have been researching and considering the possibility of finding a Christian prepper group. Our emphasis is first the Bible, followed by adopting a new self-reliant lifestyle. We are relatively new at this, but have read books and prayed, and believe things will fall apart eventually. If nothing else, I would love to find a truly like-minded group of Christian preppers to volunteer to help for a week or two this spring or summer, and to both contribute and learn from, and also enjoy the fellowship of Bible-believing Christians that see things in a similar way as us. Please let me know how it has been going since you posted this in December.
    Very truly yours in Christ Jesus,
    Dale and Julie