Mar 272021

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I’m 33, male, in good health, and have no prepping skills.  My work has been in mental health, technical support.  I’ve just recently realized how bad things are and am looking to see if there are groups that accept untrained people this late in the game.  All I have is some food stockpiled, a firearm, and some basic supplies.  I can pay for any of my own supplies.  It’s knowledge and experience I need.  I appreciate any advice.

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  1. Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa

  2. Seeing if anyone has contacted you yet

  3. Hopefully it is going well with you. My advice is to locate somewhere that is low risk even if it means going it alone for the time being. Much info is available on this site and the prepper forum attatched to it.

  4. It’s still not too late, you can contact me at
    [email protected]

  5. It should say gmail in the previous comment

  6. Outside of duluth mn here. Your welcome to email us at [email protected]