Aug 292020

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I hope I’m wrong but it’s starting to look like all the years of prepping and stocking up on supplies is about to pay off
I have a very small  parcel of land but I can take 2-3 people if they are willing to start out primitive camping while housing is created or campers can be purchased for housing

you must come with your preps in tact and willing to merge with what I have

you also need to have some form of income in order to help cover the cost of electric and such until time comes to go solar and off grid

I’m hoping I’m reading this wrong but if not then we need to be ready for what comes next and if you ain’t got a safe place to go this might be the time for you to seriously consider making that move

pm or email

dancing with poi @ yahoo . com

just remove the spaces and you’re good

  11 Responses to “Is this it??”

  1. We all need to prepare for the depression that is coming. The world has been turned on its head and tens of thousands have already died. But this is only the beginning and now is the time to plan for the fall ahead.

  2. Hi
    Have you filled your 2 or 3 people ?


  3. What general area in GA are we talking about here? I’m interested in meeting like minded ppl.

  4. Hi, I am seriously looking for those preppers off grid to group up with, I live in Florida but trying sale my home to live off grid with group of preppers. My mom is 85 years old and Im in 50’s. We know the horrific that is coming with the vaccination and digital chip #666. The persecution will begin soon and civil war will start. I am willing go up and visit and meet. email [email protected]

  5. Hello, I am interested. Can you tell me which city and are you willing to sell a portion of your land? We have income & can purchase a camper. I am looking to buy land. Kindest regards.