Oct 062017

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I’m looking for members in North Mississippi. Have around 600 acres with multiple resources

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  1. Hi Greene,

    I am looking to buy a couple of acres in the North Mississippi area near other preppers. In what part of the state (closest city) are you forming a group?

    Thank you,

  2. Hi Greene, I’m looking for opportunities in your area and have many skills to contribute. Thanks W

  3. would like to talk with you
    do you have an email address i can write to

  4. I have 20 acres in North Mississippi And I’m looking for like-minded people.

  5. Looking for some acreage around Calhoun city. Also looking to start up a full time community of sorts. Would love to find some other likeminded individuals. My partner and myself have a large set of skills that would be useful and fundamental to any group.

  6. Since Mr Green isn’t responding. I’m looking at 50-100 acres in north Mississippi in the northwest side of the state. Looking for other peepers to join us in a onsite community. Members wouldn’t be required to live on site but it is a possibility in order to get the property self sufficient.
    The group now is around 6 with two of us being ex military combat specialist. Would be interested in meeting sometime with others of interest in the Starkville/ Tupelo area.