Feb 062021

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Thinking of forming a group for single, unattached preppers co-op for those that need to lean on another in these hard and soon-to-be, all the more challenging times to come. I’m in northern New England. I will be creating a small grass-roots community that’s self sustainable, not a utopia (that’s what the real Heaven is for) but, this community makes it easier to live and thrive, stand a chance to better survive the approaching hard times.
We will barter, teach each other, learn skills such as foraging, food storage, ice house creation, etc… there can be Bible fellowship, herbal medicine classes, recycling and up cycling opportunities… these are a few suggested ideas.
As a member with us, and willing participants must be skilled, and have something to offer and bring to the table that can and will benefit the co-op.
There could also be a natural opportunity to grow friendship, chances of courtship to form couples and traditional marriage partnership.


If interested contact me

  3 Responses to “ISO Unattached,Christ-Centered Preppers for New Virtual & Real World Support Group”

  1. Hey brother. Located in West Virginia planning on relocating to Maine, found property. Haven’t bought it yet. 22 year old EMT well versed in firearms and semi versed in homesteading. Shoot me an email at [email protected] and we can get to talking ASAP 🙂 I have a few others with me/small group forming. Nothing set in stone yet.

    • Well.
      I’m not your brother.
      I’m very much female-and that’s going unchanged.

      I’m actively forming my community and have begun to screen interested parties to gauge if it could be a good fit. I’m not seeking more than 7-8 people max.
      Also, I prefer solitaries and singles over families or couples.
      I don’t email, but I occasionally check the forum.
      If anyone is interested, leave your contact number via PM/DM.
      Let’s take it from there.

    • Hey there I know it’s been awhile since you posted on this site.. just wondering how your plans were coming along? Did you happen to find a group and a piece of property?. Regards Charles