Feb 192021

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We areΒ ISO a Wisconsin Based Group: Family Friendly (1 Tween, 2 Teens) and Politically Neutral. Do they exist? πŸ˜‰

Preferably Madison area, but open to some travel.

Thank you!


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  1. Hello, we too are raising a teen. Luckily he is in a great program instead of high school where he learns carpentry and other skills half a day and then does academics half a day. Over on the prepper forum attatched to this group is a heading called prepping for parents. i would love to chat about prepping but we made the move to rocky mountain montana some years ago.

  2. I am down in the Janesville area and am looking for some like minded people to help each other out.

    • Same here. we have been living in Wisconsin now for 6 years. originally from upstate NY and we had a good prepping network there but not so much here in the Janesville area.

  3. I am out of the Janesville area