Jan 152021

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I am a educated 35 years old woman with a background in medicine…retired nurse with military experience with years of IT knowledge good with computers. I am a business owner in the Philadelphia area. I clean, bake and cook, wash laundry… I am willing to travel to any location inside the US, transport trailer full of 1 year worth of food, set up camp, and I also have a RV available and ready. I am looking to live off-grid and join a likeminded group or family to bunker down with in the coming storm…Christian minded and I know that things are about to get bad!
please feel free to send secure email to [email protected]

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  1. do you have tutanota?

  2. In case you are wondering, tutanota (referred to in the comment above) is an encrypted email service. https://tutanota.com/

  3. sent email to your protron

  4. sent email to your tutanota email
    check your spam folder if you received an email and no longer interested please let me know you are no longer interested