Oct 052021

I can’t believe it’s come to this. I feel like I’m sitting on the train tacks staring at the train light and hearing the horn blast me.  Today my employer asked for my shot status.  I work in health care sales. I’ve done my best to serve my patients. All is for naught. I’m in UT. I’m a 43 year young mom. I’m a widow to a veteran with no benefits. I’ve done this on my own and so proud of not caving to the system.  I’m a redheaded mama bear. I went from food lines 4 yrs ago, crying my eyes out in humility,  to building and moving into a brand new 4 bedroom house this year, only for the plandemic to hit. I’m now looking at loosing it all because I will protect my kids at all costs.

This is THE HILL.  This is MY HILL. So, my instinct years ago was to move out and into an off grid homestead.  I saw this. I knew it, felt it and here it is.

My intuition is saying do it now. I’ve got little to offer other than a mama bear spirit, tenacity, funds (willing to sell it all and cash out asap before the job loss hits the market, investments and everything, willing to cash out and develop some semblance of a life worth living).  I know that homeschooling is on the horizon.  I’ve not dated due to not connecting.  I’m a “conspiracy” person, who saw the fraud, sees the dots, bought her fishing poles n bait, who keeps her thoughts to herself.  But, now I’m reaching out.

Any Mama’s out there that want to give this the best shot we can for our kids please reach out.  Any single men with littles that need a nurturer, teacher, hardworking lover of God and family please reach out . I realize the situation is temporary for those living off grid, in that, at some point it will reach the rural areas too. However, for now, if I can protect my kiddos with my resources and contribute with all my heart, then that is what I am willing to do. So I guess I need hope that this is doable. I’m a fox, not a lone wolf, love my kits.  I appreciate all things demonized as toxic masculinity.  Bring it!  [email protected]

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  1. Hang in there, but be careful. 25 years ago my wife and i sold everything and moved to montana. Haven’t regreted it one bit. Sell the house if you can and get a used fifth wheel trailer. Obviously i know nothing of your situation but this is my standard advice to people in upheaveal for whatever reason.
    Your add is going to attract all sorts and some will be dangerous for you and your kids.
    We are raising a kiddo and it is a much stranger world out there now than it was long ago.
    Montana is the only state where the govenor and legislature are standing up to the expiramental jab.
    Bill in Montana.

    • Hi!
      I was in the middle of the process of relocating to the United States when we were hit by the Pandemic.
      Montana was one of the states I was contemplating relocating. The others were Colorado, Nebraska.
      Now things have become more complicated for me to relocate, as it will take about 2 years for the whole process to be redone. The current US government has made it more difficult for Brazilian citizens to immigrate. But I will keep trying.
      Hugs from Brazil.

  2. The proton mail address comes up as possibly fake?

  3. My bad, I transposed the numbers in the protonmail address, Just sent a short message.

  4. Hi.
    Hope you get some good response from people here on the forum.
    My relocation project to the United States was delayed due to the pandemic, and it won’t be possible to restart it until two years from now.
    I’ll email you if it won’t bother you.
    Greetings straight from Brazil.