Jul 102020

Good evening, y’all. I’m looking to grow our small group to just a bit bigger than small. Looking for like-minded individuals (and if we’re not like minded, well, we’re still friendly and kind but need a good fit) to discuss prepping, homesteading, bug-in and bug-out. I have both a bug-in and bug-out location, looking to expand our 3 acres of untouched partially wooded land to sustain a small group. If any of these things make sense to you, please send me a message!

  • Socially liberal (2 married men, yes, to each other)
  • Government- libertarian (gov’t needs to get out of our business), pro individual rights
  • Highly trained registered nurse
  • Pro 2A as currently
  • Religion- Pagan/ non-christian
  • Level of Food prep- initially high, need long term plan
  • Level of safety prep (i.e. self-preservation, armament, etc)- high
  • Plans for living off grid are in progress but slow due to gov’t restrix on rural land. Doing it anyway…
  • Between Lee/ Hendry areas in SW FL (Ft Myers, La Belle, Clewiston, Lake Okeechobee, etc.)

If these ideals don’t make you twitch (i.e. if you dont care about us being pagan gay men since we’re highly educated and prepped) and you’re looking for a small group to either bounce ideas off of, share ideas, or eventually (and I mean eventuallllly) work together should the need arise, hit me up. Mundane life includes hard work, video games, pets, and prepping.


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  1. I’m a 42 year old man in good health. My contributions can be hunting and security. Our social, political, and religious values are very similar. I’m looking for a group to work with if the worst happens. How do I contact you? Thanks. Brian

  2. I know this was posted a few months ago, but I just thought I would say hello & introduce myself. I am Cristin, 38 years old and live in NW FL. I have always been a prepper in some form or fashion, and now that the world is going to hell in a hand basket I have been even more vigilant about my preps. I like to garden, and grow lots of fruit and vegetables, as well as compost. I have chickens, ducks, 2 personal protection dogs, about a 6 month food supply for me and my 2 kids (teenagers), as well as a good amount of canned foods (most of which I canned myself). I enjoy shooting my Glock 19, but would also be interested in learning how to shoot long range rifles… Well there’s just a little bit about me, if anyone is interested in talking give me a shout!

  3. I’m well prepared near Sebring. One of my preps was to buy up 1 acre lots in my very rural community. Always looking for like minded individuals to sell them to. Respond if your interested. [email protected]