Mar 312021

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Hi my name is Rick i live in Northeast PA. i am looking to start old world off grid community

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  1. Good luck with your endevour. Some people here in montana are already living pretty simply off grid. Be prepared for an intimidating amount of physical work and stress just to get by.
    Or are you looking to establish a Amish type community?
    The Hutterites here have a going concern with their communal farms, but they avail themselves of the niceties of modern society like health care and trucks and equipment.

  2. Hi Rick. I live in Erie and want to and I am going to attempt to succeed this same goal. My name is fred (family of 4 and 10 brothers and sisters) and I have kin folk in North East so email me and we can see what can be done and yes off grid is difficult Only because we have been accustomed to be waited on and you do Not need to get everything done all at one time. It takes hard work and togetherness so I do not let people scare me about saying who has or who hasn’t failed in curtain areas. [email protected]