Nov 022019

Hello, I am in Livingston TX. Just getting started with prepping on a budget. Born in 61. Not looking to be part of the insurrection, but I intend to be here after. Firepower is not my problem. Just getting started. I have a little food, water plan, etc. Divorced with adult kids. looking for like minded individuals. Not looking for supplies, looking for a network/community. Still Christian, but lost long ago. Conservative. Sound like a fit?

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  1. Well hi there Livingston! My home is about 30 miles South of you. I sure want to be here “after” as well. 🙂 I found this site while i’m visiting out of state, where these folks just go around like everything is and will always be ok. I definately am looking to meet more like minded folks. Consevative – Patriot!

    • Good Afternoon, 
      I came upon your posting and am interested in communicating with you. 
      I’m relocating to Texas for work and wanted to settle into the state within a community of like minded individuals.  I’ve been a prepper for many years and moved to the Ozarks in 2017.  I learned a lot from my fellow preppers and want to continue living this lifestyle. 
      If you found any good communities in the area, please let me know. 
      Thank you, Carrie 

      • Hi Amber, pleasure to meet you. I am currently still out of state as I had the opportunity to give these kids a “crash course “.. now here we are .. social distancing and ready for this covid 19.

  2. In Segno, on 5 acres. Born in 72. I am a conservative patriot as well. Looking for someone with tract of land suitable for practicing shooting with rifles in the area. The only thing I can shoot at is into a pond. Would like to meet up with local Preppers in Livingston area. Wanting to see how others are prepared for the “after” as well.

  3. Hello,
    I live in Livingston Texas and looking to get in with a group of like minded folks to make sure we can survive the SHTF…..

    I can meet pretty much anytime that you can meet.

    Look forward to finding the right group to help me as I help you in getting ready.