Aug 032021
It is odd to me that this site does not have nearly the life and activity it once had, Considering the precarious times we are currently living in. Perhaps their is better places in which I am not privy to.           Regardless 
I am a Red Blooded, God fearing, American Man. A widower, Lower mid 40s and father to adult children who save my Father in Heaven, My children are my greatest love and deepest joy.
I own a small piece of very rural land and have lived an off grid lifestyle for a number of years. I have raised some animals lived off of solar and a small hydro electric system, and hunted for food never sport. grown vegetables,
Fact of the matter is I can not stay awake 24/7 and care very little for the lone wolf idea. I am willing to join a group I can go where ever needs be. I have nothing holding me to this spot as beautiful as it is,
I have everything I need all of my own long term food in bulk, more than most less than supper preppers. or to make this shorter I have the things preppers should have. I need one commodity only where ever i land and that is water.
If your group has security teams or personal I hope and pray it does. I am willing to pass any test you have be it solo tactical Pistol or Rifle or fire teams tactical courses. no matter if it is outdoor obstacle course or indoor shooting house,  Note I will only do live fire exercises or fire team drills with those i have seen have the ability and skillsets to do so as i would not expect anyone to do with me until proven.
If their are any interested contact me at [email protected]

  9 Responses to “Lone Wolf seeking pack”

  1. Our retreat is located in the Huron National Forest area of northern Michigan where we have multiple stocked ponds and several wells. Our tactical team includes a spec ops guy, marines and a SWAT guy. You’ll be required to drill live fire. (We also have a medical team.)

    Where are you currently located?

    [email protected]

  2. I sent you an email.

  3. It appears that most people on these forums are searching and looking, rather than recruiting; ie., lots of “buyers” but few “sellers”. I knew it was a long shot when I made my post (just below yours), but no hurt in trying. I was actually communicating with someone just North of me, looked good then it just went stone dead cold. Don’t know why.

    It occurs to me that most “real” prepper groups will try to remain hidden and discreet, they won’t openly advertise and may be weary of taking in new members. I think it is mostly by networking and word of mouth now.

    I wish you luck; you have good background. If I was near we might connect. I don’t think the “lone wolf” thing is a very good way to do it, although my handle “ALoneWolf” does fit my personality. Looks like I’ll retire up North a ways, spend my time in the garden, feed the birds and wildlife, and just fade away while the greatest nation-state ever created continues to degrade and die in front of me.


  4. If you are looking for something near Tucson, AZ, send us a message.