Apr 142017

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Im the only one that i know that is prepping. No friends or family are preparing. Im in an urban setting but am looking for a less civilized area (woods) to set up base. Im determined to go solo but a few good people who wants to see what comes after possible attacks

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  1. I moved to the Tennessee Mountain Christian Prepper Group in June 2015 from Belmont,Mass. Please look at our ad and send me an email willswebservice .

  2. Hey , I am a prepper in Massachusetts as well. How can I reach you?

  3. Hello I am located in the south shore area of mass. And I too am the only person I know who preps so I am also looking for like minded people. However while I believe in the golden rule and believe in a higher power I am not looking for overly religious people. (This sounds awful I know 😬 but I’m all set with being asked to drink the coolaid) but I am looking for good hearted like minded people if you are still interested in the same thing