Dec 222020

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Hi there,

We are a husband & wife with a 3 yr old son. Escaped to rural Southwest Ohio from LA,CA just before Thanksgiving. Husband is a rigger, carpenter with lots of tools, strong, intelligent organizer, knows how to garden, very calm. I can cook/bake anything from scratch, crotchet, sew, I have a lot of self-taught medical knowledge & am highly a intuitive empath. We’re conservative, republican constitutionalists with Judeo-Christian values, morals, beliefs who 100% support our President Trump. We started prepping a few months ago when we both “woke up” to the truth of the world. We’re well armed, have a truck, a bit more than basic survival supplies & are very eager to learn more while we work to excel our current skills. We would love to meet likeminded families interested in having us a apart of your prepping group/ finding training classes.
Thank you for this space.


I would appreciate an email or any guidance please, [email protected]


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  1. We’re in Michigan but we have member families from Ohio and Indiana. If interested contact…

    [email protected]

  2. WV? over 100 mountainous acres springs originate on land
    [email protected]

  3. Hello, I’ve recently begun preparations for potential EOLAWKI EVENTS. I was hoping to find reliable information and sites to begin growing my tool kit. Any advice?