Dec 172019

Are you looking for a safe place when times get tough?
Do you take prepping seriously and are you willing to go all the way, holding nothing back?

I have been on this journey of preparing for anything for over 2 decades, so I take this very seriously and I don’t have time to be wasting it on those who are not willing to work hard and give their all.

I had originally been looking for a small community to join, but I have recently inherited a small parcel of land in the county which is suitable for a maximum number of 6 people. This land has been in my family for 3 generations now and this is the land I grew up on so it is very important to me that only the right people come here.
I am currently seeking a few good people who have the right mindset, and are willing to work towards a common goal of self sufficiency and self reliance, instead of relying on the State for your sustenance, If this is you, then I would like to speak with you.

I have already begun the work to turn both the front and back yards into a small food forest with fruit trees and bushes as well as nut trees and of course a nice variety of vegetables combined with lots of nice wild edibles. I also have a small field which will be capable of producing enough protein rich meat and eggs for everyone, but will need to build the infrastructure for that before putting any animals in there. All of this is possible but since I am just one man I am only able to do so much so fast. There are already 2 wells on the property and some basic fencing. There is electricity here but at some point I want to go completely solar.

While this small group of people will not be a religious based community so as not to alienate anyone, I will insist that those who come here will be of the right quality and character.
I will not insist that those who get involved live here on the land as long as they are willing to invest both time and resources to making this happen. If you plan to live on the land you will need to have enough of an income to be able to help pay the bills and feed yourself (unless you wish to eat as a group) as well as investing in resources to develop the land. If you don’t really have the time to come regularly and help make things happen but are willing to invest resources, that will still secure you a place here.

I do not have time for anyone who carries a lot of baggage or suffers from psychological disorders. I am in no way interested in dealing with anyone else’s drama. I have worked very hard to get rid of as much of the drama in my life as is possible, and now I insist that this remains a “Drama Free Zone”.

Initial interviews will be done over the phone, and you will be asked about everything from your political ideologies to “what if”. Anyone seriously considered will be required to come visit and spend a few days to a couple weeks if possible to see if this is really where you want to be. After that, if we decide that you will come here, there will be a probationary period where you will live here and participate in everything being done, before a final decision is made. I have been involved in helping to set up a few communities so I know what works and what doesn’t. As I said earlier I have been on this journey of preparing for anything for over 2 decades, so I take this very seriously.
If you’re interested, drop me a PM and leave your email address.

Let’s talk.

  6 Responses to “Looking for a few good folks in the Augusta/Athens area”

  1. Hi my name is Sue, I’m a long haul truck driver..I am wanting to meet other preppers. I am trying to start an aquaponic garden in my yard.. I raise rabbits and will soon get chickens..I dry can and also can meats and other food..Would like to learn more and share my knowledge of canning and prepping.. would love to hear back soon

    • i dont know how much good i can be to you since i dont have anything to do with aquaponics and such stuff for many reasons.
      as for raising rabbits, i use to raise many rabbits years ago but had to give them up when i moved but i am looking to get back into it some time this year. maybe we can talk on that issues and if ou have the breeds i like maybe i can get my babies from you provided i can check out your operation to be sure it meets with my standards. im very picky about how rabbits are raised and i have seen some pretty nasty operations over the years so now i insist on inspecting the operation so i can be sure that what rabbits i get are coming from ethical breeders who take good care of their livestock
      im pretty good knowledge wise on chickens although i only do specific breeds for a varying number of reasons so maybe we can talk there as well.
      i also can although i have never canned meat because i usually trap what i eat and there are never any leftovers and canning meat is definitely a chore i dot really care for. to many things can go wrong. i do can vegies but i also like to dehydrate then vacuum seal because that takes up less space and tends to last longer and requires less resources.
      are you in my area? or are you way out of range?

  2. Although I’m a ways out, I would love to find some people who I can get to know learn from and maybe teach some on setting up a secure area of operations. Where I lack I’m willing to learn we’re I’m proficient I’m willing to share my expertise.

    • At present it is just me alone.
      I’m not sure why I am unable to find anyone in my area with an interest in securing a safe retreat unless everyone in this area is already established or just simply don’t care.
      Either way I am going to continue to create the environment that will suit my and my needs and if someone comes along who shows an interest then I will work with them to make the changes that will help with their needs.
      I decided when I first began this project that I’m not about to waste time and resources for those who are not here and/or working with me, and it seems that this was a good approach since no one has stepped forward with any interest of any kind.
      With respects to setting up a secure area for operations, I’m not worrying about that because if in the unfortunate scenario I find myself faced with several people converging on my location and I do not think I can defend against them, I will simply slip out the back, retreat to my hidden location in the forest and wait until they leave.
      Since there are very little resources located here at my home, I’m sure they won’t stick around very long.
      I’m not sure where you are in your mind but if you have survival knowledge and willing to teach what you know and learn what you don’t then I would be happy to speak with you and maybe get together and share knowledge.