Apr 162020

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I’m a Christian man in search for a survival place. I have all the Preps. I have

been a prepper for 40 yrs.

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  1. Where are you located?

  2. I travel in a trailer. Moving to MD

  3. Please look at Tenn. Mountain Christian Prepper group. The dollar amount of ccapital is not important but you need to be self-sufficient. Please email willswebservice at comcast dot net Subject: Tenn. Mountain Prepper group or PM me with phone number

  4. Feel free to write, looking for making a group in central Missouri (great farming area, access to water, timber, etc.)

    [email protected]

  5. Is anyone still active on this site? Haven’t seen any posts in months.

    • ?
      There’s been a new OP offer/request on this site at nearly one a day or every-other day all month this month, another MD user’s post among them

      There hasn’t been any additional activity on THIS post.

      If you’re trying to tag the people who responded to this OP to ask because you’re interested in the area (although, the OP received offers for comms from all over the States), you do need to do that individually. Only the OP is going to get the auto-message re your comment. When you hit “reply” instead, the individual you’re responding to will get it.

      Cheers and good luck,