Jul 072020


I am really new to prepping but not to the idea of it. I was hoping to find a group that would be willing to work with me so that I can contribute to our survival. Hopefully someone contacts me.

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  1. Let me respond a second time and see if it gets posted.

    Greetings Kohler
    Please read my post below regarding my group looking for new members for property North East of the valley
    My number is added and will be willing to to talk to you about prepping

    Best regards

      • Greetings

        Yes, I submitted a response to Kohler three or four days ago and was waiting for it to post.
        I reposted a response last night a 2nd time last night and it worked.

        Thank you for giving me a place to try and recruit good people.


        • Hey What’s up? I’m having issues with this site but will figure them out.
          Yes I am looking to get involved with a group. I have put this off for years for various reasons. I believe time is short in a normal society so I am willing to get involved with some people who need a very capable body to build etc.
          worlds gone nuts

          • Yes time is short, and we are seeking people who have been prepping in some capacity for a while and will go through a 4 to 5 step interview/vetting process before being invited into the group. This process does a great job at weeding out the weak!

            So, “Hey What’s up?” contact me if you want to talk.


      • Also, is there a way to resubmit my recruiting post so it is back on top?

        Thanks again

  2. Good evening, Just recently purchased a few acres in cochise county and would be very interested in networking with other local preppers.