Mar 162020

Good morning,

I am looking for anyone in this area to connect with that shares the same line of thinking.  Grant it I am fairly new yet one must start somewhere.  I look forward to hearing from you.  Even if you personally do not know of a group, any website or book would be appreciated.


Thank you very much


  One Response to “Looking for a group in the Modesto area”

  1. Hi there, It is a challenge to try to connect with others. Now with the shelter in place stuff it seems to be a bit harder. I have been running into people in the box discount stores lately…..not buying toilet paper but in the bulk food and bulk seasoning departments. Also when I was picking up another galvanized garbage can and some foil tape to seal it at the local lowes i got some looks from a small segment of the people.
    If you haven’t already, sign up for the forum connected to this site, lots of info from people at all stages of prepping.